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Dependable and Reliable Mortuary Products

One of Mobimedical’s fastest-growing product categories has come from the Mortuary and Funeral industries.


Over the years, Mobimedical has grown our mortuary and funeral product line from stretchers to, now, creating and manufacturing custom products from right here in the United States! The mortuary and funeral sector has very specific needs regarding the tools they use daily. Mobimedical offers many different cost-effective and reliable products such as our MOBI F500 Multilevel stretcher and the MOBI F1200 Oversized Multilevel stretcher. These stretchers have become the industry standard in cadaver transport. Mobimedical is also your place to call for 8 mil, 15 mil, and 22 mil body bags. We even offer military-grade Biohazard containment pouches and rolls.


Mobimedical also offers Church Trucks, which are vital for funeral homes for services and wake/viewings. These items have become a very big product for us and come in a variety of colors to fit any decor. Want a quick option to change the look of the church trucks? Check out our Church Truck Drapes that come in 6 different colors.


Mortuary Coolers are one of our newest offerings. We custom build 2, 3, and 4 body coolers that are the perfect option for storage for mortuary and funeral homes. We also offer walk-in coolers that care custom designed and build to fit the specific needs of a client.


The final element that Mobimedical offers the mortuary and funeral home industries is our custom-built embalming stations and tables. Our embalming tables come in various styles and weight ratings and are made of high-quality stainless steel. We even offer tables that are multi-height and folding for easy storage.


The Mobimedical Embalming Stations are custom designed and manufactured, that offer many different variations and additional components such as eyewash and flushing stations.


Some of our mortuary and funeral home products include:

  • Mortuary Stretchers
  • Cot Pouches and Covers
  • Slider Boards
  • Church Trucks
  • Church Truck Drapes
  • Body Bags

  • Mortuary Coolers
  • Embalming Stations
  • Embalming Tables
  • Cadaver Handling & Storage Racks
  • Body | Casket Lifts
  • Casket Lowering Device