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Funeral Supplies & Equipment

Mobimedical has become a leader in mortuary and funeral durable products. These products include distribution of manufactured goods from leading manufacturers and now, our own line of in-house designed, manufactured and produced products.


Some of theses products include:

  • Mortuary Stretchers
  • Embalming Tables
  • Embalming Stations
  • Church Trucks

  • Cadaver Handling and Storage Racks
  • Body and Casket Lifts
  • Casket Lowering Device

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Ambulance Stretchers

First responders have to have complete focus on helping those in need, and not having to worry about the reliability of their equipment, especially when it comes to transporting a patient in the field. Mobimedical offers some of the most reliable stretchers in the market, while also offering many different styles and models to fit just about any budget. From our Pro EMS series to our more economical line of stretchers, Mobimedical has the right stretcher that fits your needs.


Some of our styles of Ambulance Stretchers include:

  • Mobi Pro Series
  • X-Frame Stretchers
  • H-Frame Stretchers

  • Chair Stretchers
  • Inter-Facility

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Mortuary Stretchers

The mortuary industry has very specific needs to help in their day-to-day duties and being able to depend on these tools are integral to the work that is required. One of the most important tools of the trade, are mortuary stretchers. Mobimedical has some of the best selling mortuary stretchers on the market. From out F500, the F500 Tall for extra clearing space, to F1200 bariatric mortuary cart that has an amazing weight rating of over 1,000lbs!

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Evac | Stair Stretchers

During an emergency, stairs have always been a concern in helping those that have become incapacitated or injured to get them to safety. Evacuation and Stair Chairs have become a staple in multi-level buildings. In July of 2019, California implemented a law that an evacuation chair is required for every stairwell in a multi-level building.


Evacuation and Stair Chairs are more than just for evacuation situations, they also can be an invaluable help to those who have loved ones in their home that need extra mobility help. Mobimedical offers several different types of chairs including manual and battery-powered devices.

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Folding Stretchers

Folding stretchers have become an important tool to first responders where storage space, the need of a light, maneuverable option instead of a typical ambulance stretcher, or a secondary stretcher, fits the particular need at the moment. Folding stretchers are both lightweight and compact to allow for ease of use. Some of these stretchers can even be set up as a chair instead of a standard flat stretcher..

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