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The industry that started it all at Mobimedical! Almost 10 years ago, webmaster Eric Haskell came across a potential business opportunity to sell stretchers to first responders, especially those in smaller areas that could not afford the high priced options on the market. Over time they increased their product offering to include spine boards, basket stretchers, and folding stretchers.


After almost 10 years, Mobimedical has become an industry leader in, not only cost-effective medical and dependable transportation devices, but has also created their own line of EMS Pro Series Ambulance Stretchers that match up with just about anything on the market today.


Another popular stretcher that Mobimedical has is our line of Evacuation Stair Chairs. From manual to battery-operated, these stair chairs allow for easy evacuation in multilevel buildings and even residential homes that need something to help a loved one get around.


Some of our medical transport products include:

  • Aluminum Alloy Ambulance Stretcher
  • Automatic Loading Ambulance Stretcher
  • Multi-functional Ambulance Stretcher
  • Basket Stretchers
  • MOBI PRO™ EMS Series
  • Patient Transport Trolleys

  • Folding Stretchers
  • Evacuation | Stair Stretchers
  • Scoop Stretchers
  • Extrication & Immobilization
  • Spine Boards

Looking for more of what Mobimedical has to offer?