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Simple Phone Troubleshooting

There are many times when a simple phone call to Mobimedical is enough to get the answer to the issue you may have with your Mobimedical device. Let our experienced staff work with you to see if we can troubleshoot the issue and save time and money. There are times that we will request you send a video of the issue to us, so it will help us to determine the right course of action to fix your issue.


If we cannot diagnose the problem, need to examine the issue further, or need to be repaired, then it may be required to have a warranty or repair order issued.


Warranty Support

If we cannot troubleshoot the issue over the phone and/or email, and the item was bought less than 1 year ago, then we will work with you to file a warranty to repair your device or replace if the device requires a repair that is major or is deemed unsafe.


All MOBI stretchers and other items sold by Mobi Medical Supply are covered by a One Year manufacturer warranty. Any manufacturing defects will be replaced or repaired, at NO cost to the customer. Mobi Supply, LLC dba Mobi Medical Supply’s liability is limited to the terms of our defective product replacement warranty only.


If there is any defect found on the product, then call our toll free number, 800-577-4851, and we will work to resolve, repair, or replace the defective item.


Expired Warranty Support

If the device is out of warranty, don’t fret, Mobimedical can still help. We will work with you to diagnose the issue and give you a quote on the repair cost. If the cost of repair is cost-prohibitive, we may be able to work with you to get a replacement with a new device at a discounted cost. Note, we have repaired devices from other manufacturers in the past and maybe able to help you with those as well.


Installation Support

If you have purchased a device from us that requires installation, we are ready to help! Whether we help with onsite installation, help with the installation directions, or help with a unique issue that you may have.